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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: Many of my posts fall into multiple categories such as a post on cold emails being in research as well as careers so check all the categories for the topic about which you want resources.

Research and Internships πŸ“š

β€’ A Guide to Research for Beginners:

β€’ Skills and Tools needed for Research:

β€’ Why Research Experience is essential:
β€’ How I write Cold Emails:

β€’ If you want my exact cold email, click here :D

β€’ Different Ways to get Research Experience:

β€’ A Guide to Applying for Research Positions:

β€’ My Timeline of applying to Research Positions:

β€’ Do I need experience to apply for Research Positions:

β€’ Dealing with curt rejections for RA positions:
β€’ Want to learn quantitative research but scared of stats, book a 1:1 meeting with me and I'll help you with tools, strategies, and mindsets :D

β€’ How to find out your Research Interest:

β€’ Indian Psy/Cog Sci labs offering research internships:

Careers πŸ’Έ

β€’ Confused about how to balance your interest with financial stability in your career? Book a 1:1 session with me to figure out relevant career options for you :D

β€’ F around and finding out your ideal career:

β€’ How to write unignorable Cold Messages that convert:

β€’ Behavioral Science (BeSci) careers in the Industry after a Social Science degree:

β€’ Want to know which careers you can do with a social science degree? Book a 1:1 session with me and we'll figure it out :D

β€’ BeSci careers in Public Policy:

β€’ BeSci careers in the Social Sector:

β€’ User Research Careers:

β€’ The CV Format that got me into Labs at Cambridge and LSE:

Higher Education πŸŽ“

β€’ Advice for Planning for Higher Education Abroad:

β€’ Dealing with Rejections from dream universities:

β€’ Ultimate Guide (with Resources) for Planning Higher Education Abroad:

β€’ Not sure which programs and universities are right for you? Book a 1:1 session with me and let's figure that out!

β€’ Putting out last-minute fires on your application:

β€’ Cracking the code of writing a cogent SOP:

β€’ Or just have me review your SOP here

Personal Development/Productivity πŸš€

β€’ How I avoid Self Rejection:

β€’ How I avoid Self Rejection pt. 2:

β€’ How I avoid Burnout:

β€’ How I manage Rejections:

β€’ My approach to Comparison and Competition:

β€’ My Secret to Success:

β€’ Society's Expectations, F*****g Around and Finding Out, and my Best Friends:

β€’ How to navigate not being/having "enough":

β€’ How I protect attention and focus better: