Hi! I'm Anushka, and at 18, I didn’t think there were a lot of careers for social science students.

Now, at 22, I’ve:

(Dropping out of UChicago didn’t really seem like an achievement to my parents. They were (are) pretty mad)

Anyway, here’s a short version of how I managed to do these “conventionally successful” things:

🧠 Consulting with top Behavioral Science firms for non-salesy marketing

• Got the experience by posting on (and monetizing) my social media

• Got the role either by cold DMing the CEOs or when they reached out to me (literally the only two ways)

🧠 If you’re a behavioral science Founder/Head who wants to know more about social media → sales in a non-salesy way, please DM me here

📚 Interning at Cambridge and LSE in quantitative behavioral science

• Didn’t need a lot of experience for this, so you can apply regardless of how much experience you have

• Got the role by cold emailing the professors I wanted to work with

📚 If you want to know how to get similar internships, please DM me here

🎓 Dropping out of UChicago’s Psychology Master’s with a $20K scholarship

• I don’t know what to write here, but I’ll still write something for the symmetry and aesthetics

• And here, I’m writing another line. Seriously, what can I say....how to drop out?

🎓 If you want to drop out, don’t DM me because I doubt I’ll be able to help (and I don’t want you to blame me for ruining your life with my advice)

Want me to guide you? Here are some resources (both paid and free):

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