Anushka Kumar 

I believe that the best way to succeed is by helping others succeed. Also, I love to fail (not in the way you’re probably thinking though!) 

I love to face challenges, fail, learn, and try again. It’s in this very spirit of experimentation that the heart of behavioral science lies :D

Hi! I'm Anushka, and here are my "conventionally successful" achievements in 4 years of being an adult: 


📈 Ex Research Intern at Cambridge and LSE

📕 Accepted to MA Psych at UChicago but dropped out in the first month of classes

👥 Ex Social Media Consultant at Behaven and Centre for Social and Behaviour Change

🌍 Co-founder of Project USPAS (Underrepresented Students in Psychology and Allied Sciences) 

🎓 Graduate of Psych Hons from Lady Shri Ram College, India (2020-2023)

🔗 LinkedIn Content Creator with 29K+ followers and 4.8M+ impressions in 14 months

However, these are not necessarily the highlights of my life. The following are:

🤡 I have a meme account on Instagram

🖊️ I have a meme tattooed on me (brownie points if you can guess which one it is)

🎸 I (try to) play guitar and post covers on my Instagram @the.nushka

Want me to guide you?

Book a 1:1 session here and get free resources here  :D